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Ferries every day, to & from Barbuda

Barbuda Express Schedule

Day Depart St. John's Depart Barbuda
Monday 6:00am 8:00am
Tuesday 7:00am 3:45pm
Wednesday 7:00am 3:45pm
Thursday 7:00am 3:45pm
Friday 7:00am 3:45pm
Saturday 8:00am 3:45pm
Sunday 12noon 3:45pm

Typhoon Express Schedule

Day Depart Antigua Depart Barbuda
Monday 4:00pm (from St. John's) Overnight Barbuda
Tuesday N/A 6:00am
Wednesday 10:00am (from Crabbs) 3:00pm
Friday 10:00am (from Crabbs) 3:00pm

Reservations & Tours

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